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In Eclipse on OS X, I find the default behaviour of the Ctrl + Shift + and Ctrl + Shift + key combinations extremely annoying. To make those combinations behave like every other editor on OS X, I changed them, along with many others.

Now I'm attempting to update Eclipse from Indigo (3.8) to Juno (4.2). I did this simply by downloading and extracting a new clean copy of Juno with none of my old Indigo plugins. After installing, every one of my workspace's custom key bindings works in Juno except the aforementioned combinations.

In Juno (and the current Kepler build), no matter what command I bind to Ctrl + Shift + and Ctrl + Shift + , Eclipse ignores it and always executes the default command, which is some sort of "Select Enclosing Element" command that's very similar to the default binding of Ctrl + Shift + .

If I go back and open the same workspace in Indigo, the bindings work fine again. This implies a bug in Juno, but I have't turned anything up in my searches yet. Has anyone else noticed this behavior? Better yet, has anyone found a workaround?


Since I can't find any record of this issue, I've filed a bug report.

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I have experimented a lot of issues using Eclipse Juno in OS X as well as in Windows and Ubuntu, I think there are a lot of bugs that need to be reported. One of them is the one you mention, I had to go back to Indigo to work without that annoying issue again. You can notice as well that Eclipse Juno is slower, for OS X users is not perceptible but in other o.s like Windows, you can feel the delays, Juno consumes more resources, I know it has a "improved" ui but if it consumes more performance for me there's no point. I haven't found a workaround but I can tell you that I experimented the same behavior and had to get back to Indigo and now I'm working without problems. Best regards.

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"I think there are a lot of bugs that need to be reported." So, report them! And either install the patches from wiki.eclipse.org/Platform_UI/Juno_Performance_Investigation or go to SR2 when it's available. –  nitind Mar 1 '13 at 3:11
some of them I've already reported, I want to confirm some others, since it is not the same behavior for all the O.S –  Marcelo Tataje Mar 1 '13 at 13:41

I encountered something similar to you. Might be happening due to a bug in Juno's importing of key bindings.

See this related thread: eclipse keybindings settings

The workaround on that thread from sulai that worked for me was to manually copy the files




to my new workspace, rather than relying on Eclipse's import (whether implicitly or explicitly done).

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