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I would like to have a page on our wordpress server to render an aspx page from a .net server that we have. Is there a good way to handle this using jquery or some other php library?

I need to do this, because aspx is able to pull data from sql server and I want our web designer to properly present this data using wordpress server.

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If the .NET server is not part of the same domain as the WordPress server, your best approach would be to use an iframe instead

<iframe src="http://url/to/.net/server.aspx">   

jQuery may also help provided both, the .NET server and the WordPress server are in the same domain.

You could do something like this with jQuery:


And simply have a div in your wordpress server with id result, as in:

<div id="result" >
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You want to render the apsx page in a Wordpress page? You also might define a shortcode in wordpress. This should handle embedding the content server side (could use optimization, caching):

# shortcode  [embedcontent href="http://www.yoursite.com/page.aspx"]
function embedcontent($atts, $content = null) {
    if ( isset( $atts['href'] ) ) {
        return file_get_contents( $atts['href'] );
    return '';

add_shortcode("embedcontent", "embedcontent");

Otherwise, js does have some restrictions accessing content cross-domains.

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