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I'm working on a longpoll (to support IE8 - 9) workaround to websockets that we are using on an app I'm working on. We have an object constructor BrilisWebSocket that we add the following callbacks to its prototype using setters.

BrilisWebSocket.prototype = {
    set onmessage(callback) {
        this.socket.onmessage = callback;
    set onopen(callback) {
        this.socket.onopen = callback;
    set onerror(callback) {
        this.socket.onerror = callback;
    set onclose(callback) {
        this.socket.onclose = callback;

We then create another object BrilisLongPollSocket{} to handle long polling for when web-sockets isn't supported, and add to its prototype:

BrilisLongPollSocket.prototype = {
    set onopen(callback) {        

Since set won't work in IE8 and I'm inheriting the call back function from BrilisSocketHandler to BrilisLongPollSocket which builds those callbacks using setters it isn't working in IE8. Does any one have a good recommendation on something I could do to work around this?

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Don't use setters/getters if you want to support IE? –  Bergi Feb 28 '13 at 21:17
possible duplicate of JavaScript getter support in IE8 –  Bergi Feb 28 '13 at 21:22
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