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hey I have been trying for hours and I don't understand why the following does not work with IE but other works. The problem that I'm having is the the background of the parent link, which is a span with an id assigned, does not animate the background image set via CSS. I get an error that says 'Undefined' is null or is not an object

$('a.inactive').click(function(self) {
    	var parent = $(this).parent();
    	if (parent.css('background-position-x')) {
    		var pos = parseInt(parent.css('background-position-x').split(' ')[0]);
    	} else {
    		var pos = parseInt(parent.css('background-position').split(' ')[0]);
    	   type: "GET",
    	   url: "somepage.php",
    	   data: "id="+parent.attr('id').replace('inactive-',''),
    	   complete: function(){
    		 //alert("Data Saved: ");
    		 	if(pos < 0) {
    		 		parent.animate({backgroundPosition: '(0px 0px)'}, {duration:600});
    		 	} else {
    		 		parent.animate({backgroundPosition: '(-39px 0px)'}, {duration:600});

    		 	//parent.attr('class',$(this).className.replace(/sprite-hover-(\w+)-off/gi,'active1') );
    	   async: false

The Code below is from Alexander Farkas

            backgroundPosition: function(fx) {
            if (fx.state === 0 && typeof fx.end == 'string') {
                var start = $.curCSS(fx.elem,'backgroundPosition');
                start = toArray(start);
                fx.start = [start[0],start[2]];
                var end = toArray(fx.end);
                fx.end = [end[0],end[2]];
                fx.unit = [end[1],end[3]];
            var nowPosX = [];
            nowPosX[0] = ((fx.end[0] - fx.start[0]) * fx.pos) + fx.start[0] + fx.unit[0];
            nowPosX[1] = ((fx.end[1] - fx.start[1]) * fx.pos) + fx.start[1] + fx.unit[1];          
            fx.elem.style.backgroundPosition = nowPosX[0]+' '+nowPosX[1];

           function toArray(strg){
               strg = strg.replace(/left|top/g,'0px');
               strg = strg.replace(/right|bottom/g,'100%');
               strg = strg.replace(/([0-9\.]+)(\s|\)|$)/g,"$1px$2");
               var res = strg.match(/(-?[0-9\.]+)(px|\%|em|pt)\s(-?[0-9\.]+)(px|\%|em|pt)/);
               return [parseFloat(res[1],10),res[2],parseFloat(res[3],10),res[4]];
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What line is the error reported on? –  JohnFx Oct 3 '09 at 20:29
That PlugIn is been fixed, now it supports even IE7: stackoverflow.com/questions/11742805/… –  Matteo Gilardoni Nov 22 '12 at 15:58

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There is a new version of the backgroundPosition plugin that works with IE8 at least:


Demo: http://jsbin.com/evizu (Editable via http://jsbin.com/evizu/edit)

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