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The data variable in function (e, data) is always returning undefined. IIRC it should be the node that is hovered on.

$("#search").bind("hover_node.jstree", function (e, data) {

    console.log(data); //always 'undefined'

    //This is what I wish would work:
    var node = data.rslt.obj, // the hovered node 
     tree_instance = data.inst; // tree instance


    "core": {

Any ideas on what's wrong here?

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I created a workaround since hover_node was sporadic at best. I'm using the json_data plugin so nodes are created dynamically. So every time a node opens, check its children as leaf nodes, then add the appropriate CSS. In this case, I wanted to add a "Go" button that appears over the leaf node that is hovered.

.bind("after_open.jstree", function (data) {




function refreshGoButtonHover() {

    $('.jstree-leaf').mouseover(function () {

    $('.jstree-leaf').mouseout(function () {
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