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I'm using CMake to do an out-of-core/out-of-source build of my project, and want to include the result of a "git describe --tags --dirty" as a version number in the project (just for reference on bugs). However, any attempt to try and tell git where the code repo is results in an error like "fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git".

Is there a way to specify where git should look for the repo, other than the current working directory?

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Or you can use the WORKING_DIRECTORY-argument to execute_process() from cmake. This is what I do:

execute_process(COMMAND "${GIT_EXECUTABLE}" describe --tags --dirty

And then I have the version in ${out}.

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You can use git with --git-dir-argument.

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You can specify --git-dir on the command line, or set GIT_DIR in the environment, or write the path into a file named .git: echo gitdir: /path/to/.git > .git or make a soft link to the repo: ln -s /path/to/.git.

(The last two options are probably the least desirable, and merely mentioned here for completeness.)

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