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I'm a beginner with both java and SQL. Requesting a help, on how to retrieve value from Oracle Cursor type Result Set.

I'm trying to invoke a Stored Procedure from Java and retrieve the result set values for further processing.

Stored Procedure has few IN parameters, say Input_1 and Input_2. OUT parameter is defined as cursorType defined as, OUT_1 NUMBER(10), OUT_2 VARCHAR 2 (30 BYTE), "OUT_3" AS VARRAY (750) OF Output3_OBJ. where Output 3_OBJ is defined as

      ATTRIBUTE_C               VARCHAR2(30),
      VALUE_X                   VARCHAR2(2000 BYTE),
      VALUE_TS                  TIMESTAMP(6),
      VALUE_I                   NUMBER(10),
      OPERAND_C                 VARCHAR2(10)

I'm able to retrieve OUT_1 and OUT_2. For getting each sub-element under OUT_3, could you please help me. I've a same structure for another Stored procedure, where I pass these Object types to Oracle using Array Descriptor, Array List and Array. But while retrieving the data from Oracle, i tired various mix and match of this, but not working. Appreciate if someone could help me in this with a sample code. Thanks.

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Could someone please help me? – user2121430 Mar 1 '13 at 14:25
this might help? google.com.au/… Haven't done in it in a while myself but should get you started – daven11 Mar 2 '13 at 11:43

You can get in this way

stmt.registerOutParameter(3, Types.ARRAY, "Output 3_OBJ");
Array array = stmt.getArray(3);
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