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I am programming a jQuery plugin which tracks specific events. I have provided 2 JSFiddle examples for the sanitised code to assist at the end of the question.

I am struggling to fathom why 2 particular events are not firing. The first function tracks when the user triggers the backspace or delete keys within an input or textarea field. The code for this:

// Keydown events
$this.keydown(function (e) {
    var keyCode = e.keyCode || e.which;

    // Tab key
    if (e.keyCode === 9) {
        alert('tab key');
    } else if (e.keyCode === 8 || e.keyCode === 46) { // Backspace and Delete keys
        if ($this.val() !== '') {
            alert('Backspace or delete key');

I only wish to track the error-correction keys when a field is not empty. The tab key in the above example works as expected within the conditional statement. The backspace and delete keys do not work when inside the plugin and targeting the element in focus.

The second event not firing is tracking whether a user becomes idle. It is making use of jQuery idle timer plugin to manipulate the element in focus.

// Idle event
$this.focus(function() {
    $this.idleTimer(3000).bind('idle.idleTimer', function() {
        alert('Gone idle');
}).focusout(function() {

With both of these events I have refactored the code. They were outside of the plugin and targeted $('input, select, textarea') and worked as expected. I have brought them inside the plugin, and set them to $(this) to manipulate elements currently in focus. For most of the functions, this has worked without fault, but these 2 are proving problematic.

The first JSFiddle is with the 2 functions inside the plugin. tab works, whereas the correction keys do not. Strangely, in this example the idle function is firing (it does not in my dev environment). As this is working in the JSFiddle, I accept this may be difficult to resolve. Perhaps suggestions on handling an external plugin within my own to remedy this?

Fiddle 1

The second JSFiddle has taken the backspace and delete key functionality outside of the plugin and targets $('input, select, textarea') and now works.

Fiddle 2

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For Fiddle1:

if ($this.val() !== '') {
        alert('Backspace or delete key');

Look at what $this actually is.

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My hope was that $this would be the current element in focus. It appears I have this skewed? How would I pass the current element in focus to this function then? –  DigiKev Feb 28 '13 at 22:57
Oh, don't mind my previous (deleted) comment. What about just this $('input, select, textarea').contextHelp('browser'); instead of $(document).contextHelp('browser');. That means applying the plugin on all the editable elements instead of on document –  clime Feb 28 '13 at 23:32
Thank you, this set me along the right line of thinking. –  DigiKev Mar 15 '13 at 8:58

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