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So I have a file that has this line in it " 1301,105515018,"Boatswain","Michael R.",CSE, 230,="R01" " and I want to get each element, separated by the commas, and store it into its corresponding variable in my struct array. I got as far as this line...

while (fscanf(inputf, "%d,%d,%s\n", &term, &id, lastname) == 3){

    students[0].term = term;
    students[0].id = id;
    students[0].lastname = lastname;


So first off I know that last line doesn't work but to help articulate what I am looking for I left it as is. I am using VC++ and apparently strcopy doesn't exist? So, I'm wondering what other options are available to me, I was thinking a for loop, is that okay? There is a slight snag though, after the last name is a first name, and both of these can contain up to 15 characters including white spaces. When I printed out that last name variable, it printed the last name including the beginning of the first name adding up to 15 characters total. I have made no attempts at fixing this because well...I have no idea how to find the string between the quotations in side of that while loop condition.

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strcpy(), not strcopy(). Also, lookup strtok(). That is useful in parsing the comma-separated elements. A more robust approach would be to not use fscanf() and instead have a parsing function or two to break-out valid entries. Also, you will want to copy into students[n].lastname instead of assigning a pointer, which may or may not go away at any time. –  Peter L. Feb 28 '13 at 22:46
all sounds good! Thanks! –  Sherifftwinkie Feb 28 '13 at 23:07
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