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I have a 100 2-dim points, which form a 100 by 2 matrix X, stored in a text file "data"

I have a 100-dim vector Y, which form the class labels (numerical from 1 to 3) of the 100 points, and is stored in a text file "labels".

In R, I was wondering how you would plot the 2-dim points in X, s.t. each point is represented by its class label instead of a dot and represented in a color of its class label (the color is same for points of the same class label, but different for points of different class labels)?


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To make Dirk happy, a non-ggplot answer:

x1 <- runif(100)
x2 <- runif(100)
y  <- , 100 , replace = T)

plot(x1,x2,type = "n")
text(x1,x2,labels = y,col = c('red','blue','green')[y])

enter image description here

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Why do ggplot answers make Dirk unhappy?! – Simon O'Hanlon Feb 28 '13 at 23:08
@SimonO101 He likes to complain about how people have started acting as though Hadley's packages are the only way people know how to do things in R nowadays. I was just kidding around. – joran Feb 28 '13 at 23:09
Thanks, joran! Instead of y <- , 100 , replace = T), I used y<- read.matrix("labels"), where labels is a text file with a column vector of labels. However, text(x1,x2,labels = y,col = c('red','blue','green')[y]) doesn't plot the correct one as yours. I was wondering if reading from a text file, how to get y correctly? – Tim Mar 1 '13 at 1:11
I found the solution. as.matrix(y). Thanks! – Tim Mar 1 '13 at 1:22

Do you want to do something like this?

x1 <- runif(100)
x2 <- runif(100)
y  <- , 100 , replace = T)

df <- data.frame( x1,x2,y)
ggplot( df )+
geom_text( aes( x1 , x2 , label = y , colour = factor(y)))


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