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I am trying to produce a memory (simple dual port ram) using core generator in xilinx 14.2. The problem is that during synthesis says :

ERROR:sim - Failed to run command ' -p xc3s100e-5cp132 -sd
   "C:/Users/ORiON/register_file/ipcore_dir/tmp/_cg/_dbg/" -sd
   "C:/Users/ORiON/register_file/ipcore_dir/tmp/_cg/" -dd
   "C:/Users/ORiON/register_file/ipcore_dir/tmp/_cg/_dbg/" "MEM_aRd_sWr_16x32"
   -intstyle xflow'. Executable file not found.
ERROR:sim - Failed executing Tcl generator.
Wrote CGP file for project 'MEM_aRd_sWr_16x32'.
Core Generator create command failed.
ERROR:sim - Failed to generate 'MEM_aRd_sWr_16x32'.  Failed executing Tcl
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How exactly are you calling the code to do this? (Minimal snippet please; we don't need the whole program!) –  Donal Fellows Mar 1 '13 at 7:40
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The command itself is missing.

Failed to run command 'A_COMMAND_SHOULD_BE_HERE -p xc3s100e-5cp132 -sd

I assume it's a kind of script or makefile who is calling this command and the command is defined as a variable. And the variable is not assigned. Something like that?

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with the ip core i try to generate a memory. i follow the instructions of the program and in the end i press generate. then everything is being automated –  user1969182 Mar 1 '13 at 9:02
So you start coregen and configure and generate a core: correct? You should have a *.cgp and a *.xco file: correct? If you run (from the DOS prompt coregen -p FILE.cgp -b FILE.xco it's failing: correct? –  vermaete Mar 1 '13 at 9:11
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