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sed -i -e "/^*google.com*/d" activedomains.txt

What I am trying to do is strip any line containing * google.com * it needs to be the wildcard on both front and rear, can't seem to figure it out :/

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do you mean this?

sed -i -e "/google\.com/d" activedomains.txt
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Kent, Thanks man just had the syntax wrong! –  alex j Mar 1 '13 at 0:07

sed uses regex, not globbing (although maybe there is something that does). Pretty simple to change, though:

sed -i '/google\.com/d' activedomains.txt

This deletes any line that matches google.com. You could also use

sed -i -e '/^.*google.com.*/d' activedomains.txt

...which is more and line with what you were doing and literally means "the start of the string, then zero or more of any character followed by 'google (one of any character) com' followed by zero or more of any character." Of course, since it is surrounded by "zero or mores," it's just as well to match it directly.

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This should works :

sed -i -e "/google.com/d" activedomains.txt

No need wildcard here : it's like a grep

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