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In Excel 2007 using VSTO, if I have a ListObject using a SQL table DataSet with the below example columns:


How can you get a combobox to use SELECT DISTINCT [Year] from the same DataSet? as its data source and then have the ListObject depend on the selected year in the combobox?

It seems simple enough but I'm not very well versed on the correct way to use VSTO and the data sets, binding sources, table adapters and so on...

any help or useful articles would be great.


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I have figured it out now using the DataSet designer and the below steps.

  1. Right clicking my DataTable which in my case is called Units.

  2. Selecting Add Query

  3. Selecting Use SQL Statements

  4. Selecting SELECT which returns rows

  5. Added this query into the text box SELECT DISTINCT [Year] FROM [Units] ORDER BY DESC

  6. Un-checking the Fill a DataTable option and changing the Return a DataTable name to GetDataByDistinctYear

  7. Following the above process again but using this SQL Statement SELECT [Year],[Month],[Unit],[Site] FROM [Units] WHERE [Year] = @Year

  8. Then changing the name of both the fill and return datatable options to FillByYear and GetDataByYear

  9. This added new queries to my UnitsTableAdapter.

  10. Then in the code .vb file for my WorkSheet I added the below code:

Private Sub Sheet1_Startup() Handles Me.Startup
YearComboBox.DataSource = UnitsTableAdapter.GetDataByDistinctYear()

End Sub

Private Sub YearComboBox_SelectedValueChanged(sender As Object, e As System.EventArgs) 
Handles YearComboBox.SelectedValueChanged

Me.UnitsTableAdapter.FillDataByYear(Me.UnitsDataSet.Units, YearComboBox.SelectedValue)

End Sub

I hope someone finds this useful at least.


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