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Can anyone suggest me good tutorial of how to build twitter and google+ integration.

When registering , I wanted to ask the user if they want to register with facebook,twitter or google+. And if they click anyone of this. They can authorize my site and I can pull out their basic info (like username,email,profile pic) and auto fill the field.

I have done the facebook integration which is easy but twitter and google+ uses the Oauth model. Also when I searched google for this, I found out that twitter wont allow you to grab the user email id is it true ?

I am planning to use php and java-script to do this.

Please let me know .


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Google+ Sign-in is covered at https://developers.google.com/+/web/signin/ which includes several examples and tutorials.

As you note, it does use the OAuth flow, although the PHP and JS libraries cover most of this for you. If you need to get the email address, you'll also need to request additional OAuth scopes.

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