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I'm having a little trouble making a custom CEdit class i have added most and gave it some style but hit a stump i have googled most of the day with no luck guess Google hates me today.

OK so i have inherited the class CEdit

i have rewrote the OnPaint part to style it but i have this class applied to a password field when i update the text it shows plain password and not the ** sorry if i didnt explain correctly but only being doing this 4 days :).

here is my code i properly have stuff in there i dont need but im pretty tired and give up :)


If anyone can help please do :)

Thanks Dave

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No need to customize the control, just give it the style ES_PASSWORD. I'm sure you can set the style from the resource editor too if it's in a dialog.

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i do not mean that i mean completely styled i set ES_PASSWORD already but i want a total customized look –  BigDave Mar 1 '13 at 8:35

OK i managed to sort it myself using ON_WM_PAINT and ON_WM_CTLCOLOR_REFLECT it handles them perfect now but thanks for trying to help

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