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How do I use Google Apps' email services to send mail using the CodeIgniter email class? The email class seems to prefer SMTP, and I was going through the clients Google Apps account. I can't find any place within the Google Apps settings for SMTP. Does anyone know of a solution for this issue? Thanks in advance, and God bless!

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Right you don't find it because CodeIgniter uses the "mail" PHP function.

For some reasons only the most drunken PHP core developer knows about - this function do not support SMTP and worse even the admin can't configure SMTP usuage on Unix (it is possible to do this on windows - making the PHP design look even more crazy).

There are a few SMTP libraries out there that can handle SMTP Email, just use them

or the Email classes from the Zend Framework which are uncoupled from the rest so easy to use with CodeIgniter.

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Here is a blog post detailing instructions:

Extract From link:

Why send email with Gmail rather than the server's SMTP configuration? There are a number of advantages I see for doing this: Ability to develop locally and test email sending functionality without going to lengths to setup a local mail server. Ability to utilise Google Apps emails to send email from emails which are on your own domain. Ability to have a reference of the mail you send using this method in the "sent" folder on your Gmail account.

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