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I have 3 lists of type cab. I need to Compare listA and listB. If the Car-number or status in listB is the same as that in listA then I have to add that row in listB to listC' else add it tolistA. I need to perform that same operation for all rows forlistB`. How do I write a lambda on two lists to perform this?

This is the code that I have so far:

public class cab
    public string Name {get;set;}
    public string Desc {get;set;}
    public int Car_number   {get;set;}
    public bool status {get;set;}

cab c1 = new cab() { Name = "Zen",Desc = "äsdasdf",Car_number= "8832",status="false"};
cab c2 = new cab() { Name = "Ford",Desc = "sdfgedasdf",Car_number= "1132",status="true"};
cab c3 = new cab() { Name = "Swift",Desc = "sdsdf",Car_number= "732",status="true"};

List<cab> listA = new List<cab>();


List<cab> listB  = new List<cab>();
cab c4 = new cab() { Name = "Santro",Desc = "iisdasdf",Car_number= "8832",status="false"};
cab c5 = new cab() { Name = "Ritz",Desc = "esddf",Car_number= "132",status="true"};

List<cab> listC  = new List<cab>();
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What have you tried? Have you used a more traditional iterative approach? You should at least start there if you're just learning LINQ, even if you hope to have a LINQ solution at some point. – Servy Mar 1 '13 at 5:25
would be useful to at least get the data type right: Car_number= "8832" – YS. Mar 1 '13 at 5:30

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Any specific reason for a need for lambda?

Would this work for you?

foreach (var bItem in listB)
    if (listA.Any(aItem => bItem.Car_number == aItem.Car_number || bItem.status == aItem.status))
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Thank you very much! – user1799214 Mar 7 '13 at 4:38

If you want actually the lambda expression, Try this:

    public static void ChoiseAndAdd(Cab cab,ref List<Cab> listA,ref List<Cab> listC)
        if (listA.Any(e => e.Car_number == cab.Car_number) || listA.Any(e => e.status == cab.status))

and the expression:

listB.ForEach(e => ChoiseAndAdd(e, ref listA, ref listC));
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listB.ForEach(b =>
      if (listA.Any(a => a.Car_number == b.Car_number || a.status == b.status))
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