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Without relying on any external validation, I want to simply invoke an IAction (say from a right click menu option on a file) and create a ProblemMarker. I would just have my own validation logic, inside the IAction, which validates the file input and adds this ProblemMarker at a given location with a given custom message. It would also be able to delete all markers too. I assume if you can add a marker that you can also delete one too.

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In order to create a new marker you need the Resource and the Position of the marker. Here is an example how to create the marker. res.createMarker("markerId"); creates the marker with a given id. You can create custom Markers using extension point or use the from eclipse defined. You can find the defined Markers in org.eclipse.core.resources.IMarker

protected static void createBasicMarker(final IResource res, Position pos) throws CoreException {
    final IMarker marker = res.createMarker("markerId");
    marker.setAttribute(IMarker.CHAR_START, position.getOffset());
    marker.setAttribute(IMarker.CHAR_END, position.getOffset() + position.getLength());
    marker.setAttribute(IMarker.SEVERITY, 1);
marker.setAttribute(IMarker.PRIORITY, IMarker.PRIORITY_LOW);
    setMarkerMessage(annotation, marker);
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