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What all options do we have if we want a web application to stream live cam feed and it should work both on desktop and mobile browsers(html5 application not native ipad/android application)?

I was looking at WebRTC I have looked at WebRTC demo and have one locally installed. It worked perfectly fine for desktop but not for mobile. No web browser, except Ericsson's browser supports getUserMedia() and Ericsson's browser seems to support a different implementation of WebRTC.

Other than this, flash plugin was other option. Did not research anything on this as apple doesn't support flash.

Are there any other solutions/options.

one more thing I have at the top of my mind is packaging it in phonegap. But not sure about this option either.

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now we have support for only desktop, demo for video conferencing… Expecting to be release in mobile device in a few months so build it now you use later with slight changes – Konga Raju Mar 1 '13 at 12:31
Also I think chrome or firefox will definetly add support for their mobile browsers eventually. But until it gets standardized, safari on IOS might not implement it. Flash option was scaped off because of apple too. – Rakesh Reddy Mar 7 '13 at 9:20

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