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I need to handle Blob data via jquery Ajax call in spring MVC. I am working on banking application where i have web page in which I want to send ajax request to retive all the client details. But the problem is that, in my Pojo I have blob datatype for the clientImage, which I'm not able to handle.

public class Client {

 private Long clientId;
 private String clientTitle;
 private int clientAge;
 private int clientRetirementAge;
 private int clientLifeExpectancy;
 private String clientFirstName;
 private String clientMiddleName;
 private String clientLastName;
 private String clientNotes;
 private String clientGender;
 private String clientDOB;
 private String clientJoint;
 private String clientEmail;
 private String clientPhoneNo;
 private String riskTolerance;
 private String status; // --- Active or notActive
 private String password;
 private String partnerAvailibility; // -- Yes or No
 private String relationshipWithPartner;

 private Blob clientImage;
    private String filename;  
    private String contentType;

  // =====Client Attributes Block End=====================//
//getter and setter

and see my ajax request....

            type: "POST",
            url: "showClientDetails.html",
            data: "clientId=" + clientId,
            success: function(response){
 var title=response.clientTitle,firstName=response.clientFirstName,lastName=response.clientLastName,DOB=response.clientDOB,phone=response.clientPhoneNo,email=response.clientEmail,partnerAvailibility=response.partnerAvailibility;



            error: function(e){
            alert('Error: ' + e.responseText);

and finally see my Spring Controller.....

 public @ResponseBody Client showClientDetails(HttpServletRequest request,Client client) {
  //System.out.println("in show clients");
  Long clientId=Long.parseLong(request.getParameter("clientId"));
  return client;

I need to handle this via ajax request only. So help me if u have any solution or provide me with any link if you know.

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which I'm not able to handle: what does that mean? What do you want to do, what have you tried, what does it do instead of what you want? –  JB Nizet Mar 1 '13 at 7:26
@peterm..thanks for your comment i mean to say...how to send blob data (client image in my case) using ajax call..i m able to hadle other data than blob.but in case of blob how to receive client image in the success block of ajax call.i hope u understood what i want to do.. –  Hemant Singh Mar 1 '13 at 13:02

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I worked on an app once that had image data stored in a table, and used AJAX in a similar way. Our approach was to not send the blob to the view, but rather create a controller for viewing the images, and as part of the domain object we send to the view generate the URL that points to our Image Controller. On the view-side (we were using JSPs, if it matters) we simple used an image tag and pumped in the generated URL.

On the Image Controller, we had a method that used @ResponseBody, returning a byte[]. We selected the data from the table, set the Content Type in the headers, and returned the byte[].

Since I wrote that code (several years ago), we have had other instances where we had to return file data, like Excel spreadsheets. Recently, however, I have taken the approach of not using @ResponseBody, but rather create a custom View (extending AbstractView) and returning that as part of a ModelAndView. I think this is a lot cleaner approach than simply telling Spring to shove your output into the HTML response body, which is what @RequestBody is doing.

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