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I am getting Error of (The type AtmosphereResource is not generic; it cannot be parameterized with arguments ) during implementation of the following method in my spring 3 controller.

 @RequestMapping(value="/websockets", method=RequestMethod.GET)
     public void websockets(final AtmosphereResource<HttpServletRequest,HttpServletResponse> event) {

          final HttpServletRequest  req = event.getRequest();
            final HttpServletResponse res = event.getResponse();

            final Broadcaster bc = event.getBroadcaster();
            bc.scheduleFixedBroadcast(new Callable<String>() {

                public String call() throws Exception {

                    return (new Date()).toString();
            }, 11, TimeUnit.SECONDS);
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you probably figured the answer, but AtmosphereResource no longer exists starting with 0.9 and higher version. Just remove that and it will works.


-- Jeanfrancois

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BeanInstantiationException for AtmosphereResource. Please help! –  masT Dec 17 '13 at 6:21
Jump to the Atmosphere mailing list...or try 2.1.0-RC1 and read github.com/Atmosphere/atmosphere/wiki/… –  jfarcand Dec 17 '13 at 21:45

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