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I have developed a plug-in with the help of "NPAPI" approach, and i have able to launch it in browser of "webos" emulator. When i launch a test html page using tomcat server that page is loading fine and able to access browser plug-in. I have added some "printf" statement. I tried log command in putty to see the browser logs and it is displaying browser logs but that logs doesn't contain plug-in logs.

please give me some suggestion.


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Have you verified that the plugin is actually loaded on the device by looking at the process's memory map? For webOS 3, the browser would only load plugins that had a valid crypto signature. – Ben Combee Mar 20 '13 at 22:33

Printf isn't the right way to log stuff. I believe what you want to do is to use the syslog() function. You might find something useful here:


You could also open a file in /media/internal/ and write to that.

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thanks for reply, but sorry to say i tried syslog() function also in the log it is not coming. this plug-in is associated with browser application and i checked browser application logs using log command in putty their also plug-in's logs are not coming. – Ashish Mar 18 '13 at 11:43

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