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I am trying to build a webscraper with which I can download the HTML source after information is received from a ajax call on click. Simply speaking initially I download a the webpage and then on clicking the next button the page is loaded with a new set of images using a ajax call and I need to capture the html source after clicking next.

The next click source looks something like this

<a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="return nextpage('xyz.html','2');" class="nextimage">Next Page</a>

And on the same page is the javascript function nextpage which handles the ajax call.

Is there a way to do this using phantomjs? I am very new to phantomjs so let me know if anything is not clear. Currently I am only able to load the contents from original webpage.

var page = require('webpage').create();'somewebpage', function (status) {
    if (status !== 'success') {
        console.log('Unable to access network');
    } else {
        var p = page.evaluate(function () {
            return document.getElementsByTagName('html')[0].innerHTML


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var content = page.evaluate( function() { return
(new XMLSerializer()).serializeToString( document ); } );

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Thanks for the reply, do I add this code snippet to the code given in the question? – Ajay Nair Mar 20 '13 at 4:59

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