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Several functions in Google Scripts for Adwords supports the following date range strings:


One would think that the functions you pass the strings to were able to convert those strings to a start and end date. For instance, LAST_MONTH would be converted to start date 2013-02-01 and end date 2013-02-28, and TODAY would be converted to start- and end date 2013-03-01.

Does Google Scripts also provide a way for users to parse those strings into a start and end date?

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I asked this same question on Google Groups (here is the answer.). To summarize, there is no public method for achieving this in Google Scripts, and a custom solution has to be deployed. Since I'm exporting the Adwords data to a personal database anyway I'll be solving this using PHP, so I won't be posting a solution here.

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Well, why not? Beyond the fact that you could basically lowercase it, replace with underscore with a space and then pass it to strtotime given that you're using PHP... – Charles Mar 22 '13 at 17:29
@Charles Well, strtotime converts strings to single points in time, but I need them converted to time spans (a start and end date.) – Hubro Mar 22 '13 at 20:23

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