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When performing user search with the new Twitter API (can be checked here https://dev.twitter.com/console), found the problem with limiting the number of returned results, as well as with paging. So, let's say I want to get 5 results from searching and use count parameter:


It works correctly, returns 5 records. But if I set count to zero, there is still one result returned:


Is it expected?

Then i tried to use paging for the same purposes (wanted to get the first page, and limit results in it):


Now it looks like the limit doesn't work at all, there are much more than 5 records returned. Does anybody know if something is wrong with the queries, or it's an API bug?

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i think the 'per_page' is not a valid parameter in this 1.1 API. And then, it returns the default number 20.


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