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I have a matrix report like this

route Friday Sunday Wednesday Tuesday Saturday Thursday Monday

van1 jlsjdf sdf dfsdf sfsd sdfs sf sdfs sdfs sdf

Days above are non grouped, now i want these days to come like this in sequence

route Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

What should i do Plz help Thank you in Advance

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When you say they are non-grouped, if each day is not a group and is an individual column then you can just re-arrange the columns on the tablix to suit.

However I suspect that your days is a column group, then if so on the column Group Properties click the Sorting tab and enter in the following expression:


This converts each day into a number and it is then sorted based on this number.

This is useful when you want custom sort orders, you just need to convert the values into a sequence order using a switch statement then you can sort in numerical order.

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Thank you Tom Jenkin this is exactly what i wanted, and you were right, i meant not a row group but it is a column group in my matrix report, thank you once again –  ZubairAfridi Mar 4 '13 at 10:11
I have another problem, Please go to my profile and have a look into it, if you have any question plz ask me, Thank You –  ZubairAfridi Mar 4 '13 at 10:17

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