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I am started to use the Codeigniter framework, and I want use Phil Sturgeon's Codeigniter template:

I followed the installation steps like below :

  1. Download the latest version
  2. Copy the files from this package to the correspoding folder in your application folder
    • copy from config/template to corresponding place (in config directory.)
    • copy from libraries/template to corresponding place (in libraries directory.)
    • Loading Template ( writing $this->load->library('template'); in config/autoload.php)

And at the end I use this template in controller like this:

public function index() {
  $data["header"] = "ayastr"; 
  $data["content"] = "content1"; 
  //$this->template->set('title', "test");
  $this->template->build('example_page_view', $data);

In the view example_page_view.php,I have layouts\default.php, I wrote

{{ template:title }}

.. in default.php. but I can't access the title variable. What did I do wrong, or not do? I add this section that I can use $template['title'] in default.php but i can't use parser for show my variables.

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I've made considerable edits to your question, please view the version history to see how I used formatting, and follow that as a guide in the future. – Tim Post Mar 1 '13 at 9:02
thanks Tim for your edit – aya Mar 1 '13 at 9:10

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  1. Copy Template.php file to libraries folder from the package you downloaded.

  2. Copy template.php file to config folder

  3. Have you templates under views/templates

  4. Edit the template.php (config file) as below

    //Default Template Configuration (adjust this or create your own)
    //Default template - This is the Main template
    $template['default']['template'] = 'template/template';
    $template['default']['regions'] = array('menu','content','title');
    $template['default']['parser'] = 'parser';
    $template['default']['parser_method'] = 'parse';
    $template['default']['parse_template'] = TRUE;
    //Login Template
    $template['login']['template'] = 'template/template_login';
    $template['login']['regions'] = array('content');
    $template['login']['parser'] = 'parser';
    $template['login']['parser_method'] = 'parse';
    $template['login']['parse_template'] = TRUE;

This is the basic configuration, If you want more info on how to send data from views, let me know

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Thanks MDeSilva , this answer is useful for who that can not install template. I can access to my variable with $template (for example echo $template['title'];) but i can not access with parser way. by a lot of thanks. – aya Mar 1 '13 at 12:42
solve my error thanks – aya Apr 1 '13 at 10:04

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