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I have got a confirm dialog at the onunload event. It works well but there is only one problem: the window loses at onunload the focus and passes it automatically to the parent. But since there is still the confirm dialog going on I don't want to lose the focus on this window.

I have already tried to set the focus manually with window.focus() but this isn't working.

At the moment my code for the onunload event looks like this:

window.onunload = sessionConfirmation;
function sessionConfirmation(e) {

Thank you in advance!

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Not quite sure what your end-game is, but I'm assuming you want a confirmation dialog to show when the user tries to leave the page. If so, you want to do this instead:

window.onbeforeunload = sessionConfirmation;
function sessionConfirmation(e) {
return "test";

Hope that's what you were asking for!

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Thank you very much! That was exactly what I was looking for! –  W1ese1 Jun 17 '13 at 10:23
Glad I could help! =) –  Brian Jun 17 '13 at 20:23

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