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I am trying to connect to a mysql service on cloudfoundry. I installed vmc v 0.4.7 (which is currently the latest). I have deployed my grails application and created a mysql service through it also. Now I want to access the mysql service. I tried to perform the steps as listed here:
I installed caldecott also. But when i do vmc tunnel I get a response saying that I need to install the tunnel-vmc-plugin. I did that, and tunnel-vmc-plugin (v 0.2.0) got installed.
Now when I do vmc tunnel I get an error saying that there is a conflict between cfoundry 0.4.21 (which is required by vmc 0.4.7) and cfoundry 0.5.0 (which is required by tunnel-vmc-plugin 0.2.0). If I try to uninstall any one cfoundry, the other gems that need that particular cfoundry version go haywire.
If you go to the git repository for tunnel-vmc-plugin at you will see there is a tiny link that asks you to bump cfoundry to 0.5.0

How can I do this? Read a lot on the web about gem files, etc. but I have never learnt ruby and very little information about vmc plugins also.

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At the moment the easiest way to resolve this is to install the pre release version by using the --pre switch with gem;

gem install vmc --pre

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hi .. thanks for the reply. i ran the above command but now i get an error saying Unable to resolve dependencies: vmc requires cfoundry (< 0.6, >= 0.5.1.rc5), manifests-vmc-plugin (~> 0.6.2.rc1), tunnel-vmc-plugin (~> 0.2.1.rc3). And the latest version of cfoundry is 0.5.0! – Atharva Johri Mar 4 '13 at 8:15
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Finally did it.

Yes the trick is to do gem install vmc --pre but every dependency that this vmc needs also needs to be installed with the --pre.
Amazingly, I searched and searched and searched and NO WHERE on the ENTIRE WEB is this specifically mentioned. For the rest of you who are stuck, first uninstall all the following gems:
- cfoundry
- tunnel-vmc-plugin
- manifests-vmc-plugin
- mothership
- caldecott-client
- caldecott
- vmc

Once you have done this, then reinstall each one of the above plugins with the --pre command. Eg
gem install cfoundry --pre
Please update the documentation Burt Beckwith and others who are working to build cloud foundry! Newbies like me who know nothing of ruby have a real hard time setting things up!

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