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I have developed a plug in for Eclipse which has to access native libraries.Is it mandatory that the .so file reside in /usr/lib for the plugin to access it? Unless it is present there, my plugin cannot access the methods within it. I need my plugin to access the .so within itself so that even when I deploy the plugin, it should work without any configuration changes. I have used System.loadLibrary() to load the .so but even when I loaded the library using its full path in System.load(), it didn't work unless I copy the .so file to /usr/lib. How can I make my plugin access it from its own source folder?

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You need to add the Bundle-NativeCode directive to your MANIFEST.MF. Here are a couple of links on how to formulate it:

Secrets of Bundle-NativeCode

Bundle-NativeCode in the OSGi manifest

Note that the path you give in the directive is relative to your plugin directory structure. E.g., '/mylibrary.so' means the file is in root directory of your plugin.

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