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I opened a workspace in Eclipse and it has folders for 10 different projects in the Package Explorer, but only 2 projects are open. The other 8 are not. I try to open the projects and it says 'Open Project' has encountered a problem. The project description file (.project) for . . . is missing. Where does the project information go when projects are closed in Eclipse?

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They go nowhere. In fact you just tell eclipse to ignore your project when you close it, no files of the project are moved. It is most likely that your .project file was corrupted or removed from your filesystem by another program after you closed your project.

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Right click on the projekt in package explorer. Look at what it says under "Location". That is where Eclipse will search for a .project file.

For me the issue you describe when I have problems with a project in our versioncontrol system, and I'm not logged in properly.

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I'm not seeing "Location" when I right click on the project –  user840930 Mar 1 '13 at 13:02

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