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I am working in Wikipedia-Article search try ing wikipedia API sandbox and geting urls like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:ApiSandbox. using this geting url parsing that urls get data that data display in my webview but that data not display in my webview properly.

I want display json data in my webview.That all webview data not fix in my webview,some times my data display out of screen in that time my webview scroll to horizontal.

EDIT: Remove horizontal scroll in my webview, data out of screen.

edit: Here is my screen-shot ; I want my webview data display like this

enter image description here

but my data display like this only how to solve this issue without change HTML data because my html data is dynamic.

Anyone have any library wikipedia search article give me some ideas.

enter image description here

ANOTHER QUESTION:How to remove specific <div>,<table>,Data in My Dynamic Html data and how to get specific word in webviewclick(like listview click). give me any wikipedia library it is very usefull to me.

Can someone please give some hints/suggestions on how this can be done.

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try this solutions stackoverflow.com/questions/14373784/… – Chirag Patel Mar 6 '13 at 10:24
WebSettings settings = webview.getSettings();

try these setting with your webview, i got my rendering error fixed with this code.

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