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I have a multicore setup for solr, the directory structure of which goes like


Both of these cores essentially use the same stop words and synonyms file. Is there a way, both these files could be located at a common place and both the cores read it from there?

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According to the CoreAdmin documentation, you can

specify properties in solr.xml which can be used in the solrconfig.xml and schema.xml files.

So as an example you could create something similar to the following:

 <solr persistent="true" sharedLib="lib">
   <property name="synonymns" value="<your path here>/synonyms.txt" />
   <property name="stopwords" value="<your path here>/stopwords.txt" />
   <cores adminPath="/admin/cores">
     <core name="core0" instanceDir="core0"/>
     <core name="core1" instanceDir="core1" />

Hopefully this should get you started, you will obviously want/need to modify the solr.xml settings to meet your specific needs. Also there are a few other options for how the properties can be defined and the use of defaults. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

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Not sure if there is any elegant way with the latest releases.
You can check using the absolute path of the stopwords file.
We have just created a symbolic link to a common shared files which are updated avoiding duplicates.

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