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I have searched the internet for a while now. And the worst thing is I have seen a testing rig before, but can't find it anymore.

Does anyone know a testing rig for mobile devices? Or should I build something myself. It is intended for testing an application on different devices (eg. iPad, Galaxy tab 10, iPhone, etc.)

Or when I had my eyes shut please pass me a link to the answer.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

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It's possible you're asking about Samsung's Developer Test Lab. It allows you to spin up a bunch of virtual Samsung Android devices and test stuff on it.

I haven't used it personally, so YMMV, and it's also limited to Samsung/Android -- no iOS.

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The thing I'm searching for is a physical board on which you can place several mobile devices. So you'll be testing with the actual smart phone. – Jan Haesen Mar 2 '13 at 12:20

For those that wondered as well. The article I found some time ago, and couldn't find anymore but did find yesterday, is this

Here you can set up different mobile devices and make a test lab. Thanks for the response!

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