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I'm doing a backup script for all my github repositories. I'm using git bundle create to create a single file of my repos.

Do I need to run git fetch/pull before git bundle create ? If yes, which one: fetch or pull ?

I don't understand the man:

This command provides support for git fetch and git pull to operate by packaging objects and references in an archive at the originating machine


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The bundle main purpose is to allow exchage data between repositories when there is no connection possible between two machines. The git allows to create a bundle which could be transferred somehow offline (e.g. by CD-ROM with carrier pigeon), when the bundle could be used as a source for fetch/pull commands on a remote machine.

The difference between the fetch and pull is simple. The pull == fetch + merge.

The easiest way to make a backup is to use git clone --mirror <url> and then periodically git remote update. It will transfer only diffs with minimal traffic.

If you want a single file, just zip the mirror clone folder.

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