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I have two models. One called MainModel and other called HistoricMainModel. I would like to INSERT automatically a row in the HistoricMainModel every time I data is inserted to MainModel. What is best/correct way of doing this in Django?

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If you already have some custom save().-magic going on I would recommend using a post_save() signal or a pre_save() which ever would work best for you.

in your

@receiver(pre_save, sender=MainModel)
def save_a_historicmodel(sender, **kwargs):
    #do your save historicmodel logic here


def save_a_historicmodel(sender, instance, created, **kwargs):
    print "Post save was triggered! Instance:", instance

signals.post_save.connect(save_a_historicmodel, sender=MainModel)

This works so that every time your MainModel is saved this signal is triggered.

Docs here

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Rewrite save method in MainModel model to create and insert the HistoricMainModel object before calling the "real" save method.

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You could implement this yourself but the best way would be to use an application that does this - like reversion - a django app that implements model history/roll back automatically.

In addition to whatever you will implement, reversion will provide you with:

  1. Integration with the admin backend.
  2. A API to add meta-data to your versions and to revert back to previous versions of your model.

It is a lot more flexible and is widely used and implemented.

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