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I have a Long with a couple of sentences in it, at the end there is a huge amount of blank spaces that need removed. The problem is that the I have wrote a function to convert this long to a Varchar2 and trim the spaces but this has not worked.

I have used, RTRIM, TRIM TRAILING, TRIM and even tried replace " " with "" (but that just removed all spaces even between words.


SELECT TRIM(comment)
FROM p_comments
WHERE p_domain = 'SIGNATURE'
AND p_code = c_p_code;

This did not work as it cannot perform the trim on a "LONG".

SELECT RTRIM(f_get_varchar(get_p_code('JOHN'))) FROM dual

Did not work and just returned the same result.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Send the code of f_get_varchar function and exact sample of not working case –  Mohsen Heydari Mar 1 '13 at 15:52

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Managed to find the answer. I used a regular expression.

SELECT regexp_substr(cis.acs_reports.f_get_varchar(:p_pfo_code), '.+[^space::]') pfo_comment

FROM dual

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