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below is the code of VBScript,

ToDate=  1/3/2013
StartDateSerial = DateSerial(year(FromDate),month(FromDate), day(FromDate))
ToDateSerial = DateSerial(year(ToDate),month(toDate),day(ToDate))

in this date format is dd/mm/yyyy. but result of DateSerial is as below

StartDateSerial= 2/22/2013
ToDateSerieal= 1/3/2013

which mean for start date it converted to mm/dd/yyyy but for ToDateSerieal it converts to dd/mm/yyyy

I found this issue on US lacal. But At UK local this is same for both.

Now when I try this with following values in FromDate and To Date

ToDate=  3/1/2013

I am passing FromDate and ToDate from JavaScript to vbscript.

Format is mm/dd/yyyy then it works fine on US lacal but not on UK local. Can any body tell me how can I fix this.

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I assume, you pass d/m/y strings from Javascript to VBScript running with US locale which expects m/d/y date strings. If presented with a bad date string, VBScript tries to do the right thing and converts "22/2/2013" to a february date; "1/3/2013" is seen as a valid january date. UK locale understands d/m/y strings, "1/3/2013" is a march date.

To solve your problem - d/m/y date string input for all locales - use a = Split("d/m/y", "/") on the strings and DateSerial(a[2], a[1], a[0]).

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To make sure you are working on the correct locale, you can use SetLocale to set the locale. For dd/mm/yyyy you can use 2057, the English UK locale.

cl = GetLocale()

SetLocale(1033) ' US locale
wscript.echo FormatDateTime("1/3/2013",1)

SetLocale(2057) ' UK locale
wscript.echo FormatDateTime("1/3/2013",1)

' Set back the original locale

' Output:
' Thursday, January 03, 2013
' 01 March 2013
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