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I am developing a web application with node.js and I am using passport( for authentication. I put all the passport code into the app.js file and it works pretty good... During some refactoring steps I decided to put all the passport code into an own file/module called authentication.js and here is my problem:

In app.js there is the following "middleware" code:


which I would like to replace by something like that:

var auth = require('./authentication.js');

But actually I have no idea how the auth.initialize should look like.

I tried something like that:

function initialize(app){
   return function(res,req,next){
      app.use(passport.initialize(res,req, next));
      app.use(passport.session(res,req, next));

but without success... :-(

Does anyone have any idea on this issue?

Thanks in advance...

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How about this?

// app.js
var auth = require('./authentication.js');

// authentication.js
module.exports.initialize = function(app) {

Do make sure that other middleware that Passport depends on, like express.session and express.cookieParser, is configured before Passport is.

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Hi robertklep,it is so simple, but it is working. Thanks a lot for your help... Thomas – MiroKlose Mar 5 '13 at 8:34

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