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I need to write a plugin that iterates over a bunch of records inside a forms sub-grid. Previously the plugin checked a single lookup and performed some basic functions based on the value it held. Now the client wants multiple records to be linked to this record in an N:N relationship. I've seen this can be done in JavaScript but unfortunately this is no use to me. Can this be done in a plugin? If so, how?

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Yes this can be done; and some methods of doing this are easier than others. As you noticed, the 1:N relationship is easy to manage from the child side through an EntityReference to the parent.

In the N:N relationship, you can retrieve the related entity using an approach like the one suggested in this article (not mine) about Retrieving Relationships

Another approach (depending on how you generated your code with the CrmSvcUtil): <entity>.GetRelatedEntities<<related entity type>>("<Relationship Name>", null);

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If the records inside the sub grid are linked with the main entity record, by having its GUID as parent ID, then you could use QueryExpression/QueryByAttribute to retrieve all the records in your subgrid and then iterate over them...

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