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I've got a helper function to look through the page and open every help button it finds. It's nice and simple;

def openHelp(ff):
    Opens all the help buttons on the screen
    @type ff: instance of webdriver
    @param ff: firefox instance of webdriver
    allHelpButtons = ff.find_elements_by_xpath('//a[@class="helpButton"]')
    for helpButton in allHelpButtons:

However on some pages the helpbuttons may be hidden along with their corresponding fields by javascript which appears to be what is causing an ElementNotVisibileException when Selenium tries to click those hidden buttons.

Every help button appears the same in the markup, there isn't a display:none applied so I can't check like that. They appear as such;

<a class="helpButton" title="Help about: Field" href="#">
    <img alt="Help about: Field" src="/static/images/helpIcon.png">

If this exception exists I assume there must be a method you can use to check if an element is visible. Ideally I'd like to only collect all visible elements in to my allHelpButtons list, but I can't find any docs on this. Can I perform a check with my xpath search or do I have to do a check on the elements once they've been collected?

bonus question

I was also wondering, if you can select a list item by matching the name and the value. For example I have a Yes/No radio button selection defined in the page as a ul;

<ul class="compact horizontal ">
        <input id="id_fieldname_0_true" type="radio" value="True" name="fieldname">
        <label for="id_fieldname_0_true">Yes</label>
        <input id="id_fieldname_0_false" type="radio" value="False" name="fieldname">
        <label for="id_fieldname_0_false">No</label>

Obviously the id is unique but I'd rather be able to use a selector to pick out the 'name' and the 'value' because I think that'll make it easier to make generic selectors which I can pass values to.

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There is an is_displayed function.

Check the source code below, line 162:


As for your bonus question, this is done by XPath too, to click the Yes button radio:


and for No:

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