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I've got a shell script with the following code;

nfcapd -z -w -t30 -p 2055 -l /home/shane/Documents/nfdump

My problem is that when I execute the shell script, the command above executes over and over (it captures network traffic from a router), but I'd like for it to stop after 30 seconds. In the terminal I would just press Ctrl-C, is there a way of executing this command (Ctrl-C) after a certain time t?

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take a look at this-: stackoverflow.com/questions/5161193/… –  suspectus Mar 1 '13 at 11:26

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Use timeout

timeout 30 nfcapd -z -w -t30 -p 2055 -l /home/shane/Documents/nfdump

More info here

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Put this statement after #!/bin/bash

(sleep 30 ; kill -9 $$ )&

See if it works in your case.

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Almost -1: You must not recommend -9 here. Especially given that the question specifically mentions ctrl-C, which sends SIGINT. –  William Pursell Mar 1 '13 at 13:59

You may also kill the last job:

#! /bin/bash
nfcapd -z -w -t30 -p 2055 -l /home/shane/Documents/nfdump &
sleep 30 ; kill %%
echo "nfcapd terminated"
exit 0
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