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In powershell is there a way to convert a hashtable to System.Version, the error I'm getting is Cannot convert the "System.Collections.Hashtable" value of type "System.Collections.Hashtable" to type "System.Version".

Example in my foreach loop, I add two variables a key and a value to dbDictionary

$dbDictionary.Add($dbChangesfiles, $line)

I then want to turn that dbDictionary into a System.Version so I can reference it against two other variables I have converted to System.Version.

$dbDictionaryAsVersion = [System.Version]$dbDictionary

Any help would be appreciated

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You cannot do that with a direct cast. You need to be specific and reference the dictionary item that contains the version value:

PS> $dbDictionary = @{key1='1.2'; key2='3.4'}
PS> [System.Version]$dbDictionary['key1']

Major  Minor  Build  Revision
-----  -----  -----  --------
1      2      -1     -1      

If the version consists of all keys:

PS> [System.Version]($dbDictionary.Values -join '.')

Major  Minor  Build  Revision
-----  -----  -----  --------
1      2      3      4      
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just what the doctor ordered, cheers. – Lewis Mar 1 '13 at 11:46
Note that (absent [ordered] in PSv3) values in hastables are not guaranteed to be in the order you add them, so a -join on @{ A = 1; B = 2 } may return either 1.2 or 2.1. – Emperor XLII Mar 9 '13 at 15:55
Correct, but the default formatting of System.Version overrides that. – Shay Levy Mar 10 '13 at 12:21

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