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I am building a dll using MSys and Mingw on windows. The source for project only provides a autogen.sh, configure.ac and makefile.am. To generate the makefiles, you run autogen.sh then ./configure. I then go and manually add "-no-undefined" to the LDFLAGS in the makefile. This is not ideal, during the generation of the makfiles, this LDFLAGS should be set correctly.

Somewhere i have to change a configuration file, so that when the makefiles is generated the LDFLAGS is correctly set.

How do i do that?

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You should be able to set it in Makefile.am. If your library declaration looked something like this:

lib_LTLIBRARIES = libfoo.la
libfoo_la_SOURCES = foo.c

You'd add this line:

libfoo_la_LDFLAGS = -no-undefined
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