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I have the following code:

def test = Action {
  val Anon = new {
    val foo = "foo"
    val bar = "bar"


And I get this compilation error:

No Json deserializer found for type Object{val foo: String; val bar: String}. Try to implement an implicit Writes or Format for this type.

What is the quick fix for this problem? I already found another question here that relates to this error, but perhaps it was more specific/complex.

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Without reflection, I don't see how to do that... – Julien Lafont Mar 1 '13 at 14:17
@JulienLafont - who said anything about without reflection? But I would like not to write the code myself, but rather use a one-liner for that. – ripper234 Mar 1 '13 at 16:06
With reflection, I don't think anybody has already do that. Try to create a map name/values with Anon.getClass.getDeclaredFields for example. – Julien Lafont Mar 1 '13 at 19:50

As far as I can tell the only way is to introduce a structural type:

  type AnonType = {
    def foo:String
    def bar:String

Then you can either do

implicit val writeAnon1 = 
  ((__ \ "foo").write[String] and
   (__ \ "bar").write[String])
   {anon:AnonType => (,}


implicit val writeAnon2 = new Writes[AnonType] {
  def writes(o:AnonType) =
    Json toJson Map(
      "foo" ->,
      "bar" ->
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