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The Android CDD states as follows

7.3.7. Thermometer Device implementations MAY but SHOULD NOT include a thermometer (i.e. temperature sensor.) If a device implementation does include a thermometer, it MUST measure the temperature of the device CPU. It MUST NOT measure any other temperature. (Note that this sensor type is deprecated in the Android 4.2 APIs.)

It says that you can have a temperature sensor only to measure the CPU temperature. Can anyone please tell me why android does not want environmental temperature sensors?

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Android does not require device manufacturers to build any particular types of sensors into their Android-powered devices, so devices can have a wide range of sensor configurations.

Most phones only include cpu temperature measurement sensor Sensor.TYPE_TEMPERATURE (this no longer gives accurate readings) It been replaced with.TYPE_AMBIENT_TEMPERATURE Because of this, there isn't an accurate way to measure temperature of different hardware within most phones; hence the restriction to only CPU temperature which almost all android phones should be able to produce

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Sorry I don't seem to understand your answer. I don't understand the reason that you give for Android CDD to say, devices MUST NOT measure any other temperature other than CPU temperature. – Rajesh Mar 5 '13 at 6:59

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