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I'm writing a Javascript class that is able to use either localStorage or sessionStorage. The selection of this is done on a class instance basis.

I have a method within this class, which receives the storage object as a parameter and runs an action according to the storage type (ie. local v session).


function myMethod(store){
    // store: object storageObject
    //        The storage object being used (either
    //        sessionStorage or localStorage).

    if(store === sessionStorage){
        return sessionAction(store)
    }else if(store === localStorage){
        return localAction(store)

    return null;

This does not work in Internet Explorer 8, producing the error: "Class doesn't support Automation". It seems to work in other browsers quite well.

I've tried to get the object type (via and test against that but IE8 always reports [object Object] for this. I managed to make some progress from the answer to Stackoverflow question: Weird IE8 internal [[ class ]] attribute behavior. This workaround gave me [object Storage] in IE.

However, I still cannot detect between the different storage types. Is there a simple methodology for detecting between the two types that works cross-browser?

I could rewrite it so the type has't to be supplied as a parameter to the method. However, I'd rather reduce the simplicity of the API by allowing users to simply supply the storage object.

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You can go aggressive for the IE8 code branch (inspired by Modernizr):

Compare storages:

function storagesEqual(testStorage, webStorage) {
    try {
        return testStorage === webStorage;
    } catch (ex) {
        // IE8 code branch
        var testKey = "storage-test";
        var testValue = (new Date()).valueOf().toString();
        var result = false;

        try {
            webStorage.setItem(testKey, testValue);
            if(testStorage[testKey] === testValue) {
                result = true;
        } finally {
            return result;

Indetify storage type:

function storageType(store) {

    var STORAGE_LOCAL = 'local';
    var STORAGE_SESSION = 'session';
    var STORAGE_UNKNOWN = 'unknown';

    var localStorage = window.localStorage;
    var sessionStorage = window.sessionStorage;

    if(storagesEqual(store, localStorage)) return STORAGE_LOCAL;
    if(storagesEqual(store, sessionStorage)) return STORAGE_SESSION;
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Thanks for that. Yes, the brute-force method is probably the only route if I want it to work as requested in IE8. Think, I'm okay with this; the inefficiency is acceptable given that it will only affect about 5% of users. These users are already experiencing significant inefficiency by using IE8, so in the grand scheme of thing it probably doesn't matter too much. Also, that 5% is likely to reduce over time. –  Stephen Simpson Mar 4 '13 at 12:09

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