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I have VS2010, C#. I use RichTextBox in a form. I set the DectectUrls property to True. I set a LinkClicked event.

I would like open a file link like this: file://C:\Documents and Settings... or file://C:\Program Files (x86)...

It doesn't works for path with spaces.

The source code:

rtbLog.SelectionFont = fnormal;
rtbLog.AppendText("\t. Open Path" + "file://" + PathAbsScript + "\n\n");

// DetectUrls set to true
// launch any http:// or mailto: links clicked in the body of the rich text box
private void rtbLog_LinkClicked(object sender, LinkClickedEventArgs e)
   catch (Exception) {}

Any suggestions?

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You should enclose the path with double quotes ("file://c:\path with spaces\...") – John Willemse Mar 1 '13 at 12:40

You should enclose the path with double quotes, e.g.:

"file://c:\path with spaces\..."

To add a double quote to a string, you must use an escape sequence \".

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go to that particular folder and give the permission to write or make it shared from properties of that folder.

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Finally, I use a replace (" ", "%20")

var rutaScript = DatosDeEjecucion.PathAbsScript;
if (rutaScript.Contains(" ")) rutaScript = "file://" + Path.GetDirectoryName(DatosDeEjecucion.PathAbsScript).Replace(" ", "%20");
rtbLog.AppendText(". Abrir ubicación: " + rutaScript + "\n\n");

The code for LinkClicked event:

private void rtbLog_LinkClicked(object sender, LinkClickedEventArgs e)
                var link = e.LinkText.Replace("%20", " ");
            catch (Exception)
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Instead of using %20 (which some users may find "ugly" looking), you can use the UNICODE non-breaking space character (U+00A0). For example:

String fileName = "File name with spaces.txt";
FileInfo fi = new FileInfo(fileName);

// Replace any ' ' characters with unicode non-breaking space characters:
richTextBox.AppendText("file://" + fi.FullName.Replace(' ', (char)160));

Then inside your link click handler for the rich text box, you'd do the following:

private void richTextBox_LinkClicked(object sender, LinkClickedEventArgs e)
    // Replace any unicode non-break space characters with ' ' characters:
    string linkText = e.LinkText.Replace((char)160, ' ');

    // For some reason rich text boxes strip off the 
    // trailing ')' character for URL's which end in a 
    // ')' character, so if we had a '(' opening bracket
    // but no ')' closing bracket, we'll assume there was
    // meant to be one at the end and add it back on. This 
    // problem is commonly encountered with wikipedia links!

    if((linkText.IndexOf('(') > -1) && (linkText.IndexOf(')') == -1))
        linkText += ")";

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