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Hi all i have a question: how i can insert a box (rectangle) with Ne_latitude, NE_longitude, SW_latitude, SW_longitude inside a postgis database and build an INDEX on top for retrieving the intersection between the different boxes?

Thanks in advance

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Use ST_MakeEnvelope to build a rectangle geometry. It can be used to retrieve the intersection of bounding boxes from some_table (with geometry column geom) using the && overlaps operator:

FROM some_table
WHERE geom && ST_MakeEnvelope(SW_longitude, SW_latitude, NE_longitude, NE_latitude, 4326);

To insert the rectangle into some_table:

INSERT INTO some_table (geom)
VALUES (ST_MakeEnvelope(SW_longitude, SW_latitude, NE_longitude, NE_latitude, 4326));

and in case some_table does not yet have a spatial index on the geom column, create it:

CREATE INDEX ON some_table USING gist (geog);
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thanks but how i can insert a rectangle inside a db and build an index?? –  Asp1de Mar 4 '13 at 11:50

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