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I have followed the tutorial on and prepared a function as follows:

function dxy = diffxy(xy)
%split xy into variables in our equations
x = xy(1);
xdot = xy(2);
y = xy(3);
% define the derivatives of these variables from equations
xdot = xdot;
ydot = 3*x + 2*y + 5;
xdoubledot = 3 - ydot + 2*xdot;
%return the derivatives in dxy in the right order
dxy = [xdot; xdoubledot; ydot]

When I call it using

[T, XY] = ode45('diffxy',0,10,[0 1 0])

I get an error

??? Error using ==> diffxy
Too many input arguments.

I also tried

XY= ode45(@diffxy,[0 10],[0;1;0])

Anybody have any idea?

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haven't read the whole tutorial but aren't you supposed to define your function as

function dxy = diffxy(t, xy)

where t is time vector

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Nice and clean thx. Im new to this stuff... – dramaticlook Mar 1 '13 at 13:35

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